Player trading shops are now open!

We now have a player based trading system active on the server. Players can now create their own shops to sell items and earn extra money.
We have a brand new trading port where players can have their own shops, and it's a convenient place for everyone to easily find each others shops. As long as you have a member+ rank, which every gets after 12 hours of gameplay, you can ask a staff member for a shop in the Trade port. If a staff member isn't online then just leave a message on the forums with the shop number you wish to have and we'll get it set up for you. For the time being all shops in the Trading port are free. Players are also welcome to set up their own shops next to their homes, though other players a much more likely to buy from you if they can find your shop in a communal place like the Trading Port.
Also, please feel free to undercut the server shop with your item prices, it's up to you at what price you want to sell your items at!
Creating your own shop signs is a little complicated at first, though once you have the hang of the sign format it's a very easy system to use. A full trade sign tutorial can be found in our newly updated FAQ section.

PvP Arena is now active!

Just a short news update to let everyone know we now have a PvP arena, with a warp to it located in the spawn hall.

It is not a full blown PvP system with a scoreboard and PvP kits, it's just a simple PvP zone in response to members requesting a place on the server to be able to have some fun and let off a bit of steam.
At the moment it's basic PvP with some mobs thrown in, and you keep your inventory on death. If you would like changes made, like the ability to loose items on death so players can claim their kills inventory, then please let us know on the forums. And if you have any other suggestions for the PvP arena we would love to hear them.

Please remember though, we are a no-PvP server, PvP is disabled at server level and is only active within the PvP arena, the existing no PvP rule applies to every other world on the server!

Protection Stones updated, you can now claim more land!

So we've made some changes to the Protection Stones land claiming system so all members can claim more land.

Under the new system new members now get double the amount of land from a coal Protection Stone.
The Lapis block has been removed as very few players use it and the Gold blocks now have an increased claim size from 41x41 to a 51x51 block area.
The biggest change is the addition of new Emerald blocks which claim large 81x81 plots of land.
Monkeycrafter ranks now get nearly double the land they can currently claim, while Monkeycrater+ ranks get more than double the land they previously had access to under the old system.

The new changes are as follows...
Member: Now has access to 1 x coal block which protects a 21x21 area - 441 blocks total. Your Member rank automatically promotes you to Member+ after 12 hours of gameplay.
Member+: Still has access to 4 x gold blocks though they now protect a larger 51x51 area (2601 blocks) - 10404 blocks total.
Monkeycrafter: Now have access to 4 x emerald blocks, each one protecting a 81x81 area (6561 blocks) - 26244 blocks total.
Monkeycrafter+: Now have access to 6 x emerald blocks, each one protecting a 81x81 area (6561 blocks) - 39366 blocks total.

To take advantage to the new larger claims all you need to do is break your old Protection Stone blocks, (which will automatically be returned to you), and then place them on the ground again.
We also think it's only fair that past donators get the opportunity to reclaim their land with the new large Emerald blocks. So if you have been a donator within the past 60 days then please contact me or another member of staff and I will ensure you have temporary access to reclaim you land.

Have fun,

New Year News

Happy New Year to everyone!

So we have some news updates and info about the server.

First of all Gizmosrevenge1 has kindly agreed to come on board as a MonkeyCrafter Guide. Her role is to help out with any problems you have in game and help supervise the server. I hope you all will give her your full support with her new role on the server.

Server Upgraded.
As you may or may not know, we pay for our server hosting in advance. We don't run the server as a money making scheme, we don't believe in pressuring members into making donations, charging for basic commands and treat all member ranks equally. Any money we are lucky enough to receive from MonkeyCrafter rank donations is set aside to help contribute towards server costs. And thanks to some very kind donations we've been able to upgrade the server from a 25 slot server to a higher capacity 45 slot server to help combat any final lag issues.
At the moment the server is capped at 40 slots, though it's always been the intention to keep the server small and community based, if the server gets to the point where there are more than 25 members on at a time we'll lock the whitelist.

Spawners and Mob farms.
If there are any members who would like their own mob/xp farm you can ask for a spawner free of charge.
To be honest it is much better for a small server like ours to give members their own spawners which they can have easy access to, than have unattended and unprotected mob farms randomly dotted around the map.
The rule with all mob/xp farms is that they have an adequate redstone lighting system which must be used to disable the spawner from spawning mobs. The mob/xp farm must not be automatic, you may use pistons as crushers but they must be operated by levers or buttons.
We have a ready built mob/xp farm saved as a WorldEdit file which can be imported in or close to your homes and you are free to modify, if you want to see it in action then ask in chat, there are a few members who have one you can view. Alternatively you can build your own and just ask for the spawner to be added.
The only requirement for a free spawner or mob farm is that you are a member+ rank or above, which you automatically get when you have played more than 12 hours on the server.
If you want a mob spawner or mob farm then just ask in chat or post a request on the forum.

Finally, this is somewhat of a delicate issue and I do not want to offend anyone, but I am bringing this up after I have had a number of comments from members who feel that there are groups forming on the server who are isolating themselves from the rest of the community.
There's no real social rule on our server to how you're expected to play. If you're more of a social player and want to set up home with some other players and play as a small group that's fine, and if you would rather play alone in a more secluded or hermit style of gameplay then that's welcome as well.
Though one thing I would like to make all members aware of is the community aspect of MonkeyCraft. As a server owner I'm incredibly proud of the great sense of community spirit we have and how friendly and welcoming everyone is. And while you're not expected to physically interact or play with other players, one thing we ask is that all members act like a member of a community. It's only takes a second of your time to say hello to everyone when you log onto the server and say goodbye when you leave. If another member asks a question or needs help in chat it doesn't take long to just briefly respond to either offer help or tell them you don't know the answer.
Can I also remind members that the use of Team Speak, Mumble or other voice chat systems are not encouraged on our server as it alienates other players, creates separate groups and cliques and removes the sense of community spirit.

Have fun!

No more Guest ranks!

We seem to have a regular amount of questions and confusion relating to the ranks on the MonkeyCraft server.

Many new members seemed confused at why they had a Guest rank, and why others had Member ranks and how long it took to be promoted to a Member, so to simplify things we have now done away with the Guest rank.
As from today all new players joining our server will be awarded a Member rank, and after 12 hours of gameplay Members are automatically promoted to Member+.

We have also made some changes to the ProtectionStones land claiming system. The new Member+ ranks can now use up to 4 ProtectionStones to claim land.
In addition MonkeyCrafter ranks can now claim up to 8 ProtectionStones , while those with the MonkeyCrafter+ rank can now claim up to 10 ProtectionStones. To buy either a MonkeyCrafter or MonkeyCrafter+ rank please visit the shop. If you buy a MonkeyCrafter or MonkeyCrafter+ rank your ProtectionStone land claim remains intact even after your rank expires!

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