MonkeyCraft - A Minecraft whitelisted no grief and no PVP server.

MonkeyCraft is a whitelisted no-PVP and no-grief Minecraft community for players aged 16 and over.
We operate a whitelist system as a way of screening new players before they gain access to the server. This dramatically reduces the number of griefers and problem players that cause issues and spoil the game for everyone.
To access our server and be part of our community you need to apply to join the whitelist.

How to join our server:
Gaining access to the server is a very simple process. You do not even have to register to join our website.
Just click the Apply link in the main menu above, read the server rules and fill out a short application form.
Your application will then be sent to staff for review, who will then post a response on our Whitelist forum board.

After your application has been approved you can join us by entering the server address in your Minecraft multiplayer server settings.
Please remember, you cannot access the server until you have applied and submitted an application to join!

About our server:
The MonkeyCraft server is a fun, friendly community atmosphere where players aged 16+ and of all skill levels can enjoy playing Minecraft in a easy going grief free environment.
We offer a "semi-vanilla" survival experience, and while to do have a few plugins to help protect against griefing and a basic economy with a spawn shop, we try and keep the gameplay as close to the original Minecraft "vanilla" experience as possible. We don't run any bloated, complicated or useless plugins.
Everything on MonkeyCraft is designed to be easy to use and hassle free. There are no complicated commands to learn. Our land claiming system is blissfully easy to use to protect your land and our chest and door protection system is equally as easy to use.
We also have a PlotMe based Creative World where players can claim pre-rendered plots of land. It's a very simple system to use, grief-free and you can allow other named players to help build on your plot.

We're a no-grief server and all of our members respect each others property. PVP is turned off at server level so you can never be killed by another player, (not that they would ever want to!), and while PVP is off, PVE is in full effect you can still kill mobs and they can kill you. So beware!

We're a small well managed server, we're here for the long term and don't plan on being one of those servers that just goes offline when it runs out of money. Our server was started so like-minded players who wanted to play in a non-PVP and grief free environment could find a place to call home.
For us MonkeyCraft has always been about playing Minecraft, making friends and having some fun, it has never been about making money. Our server is free to play for all, everyone is treated equally and when we are lucky enough to get donations they are set aside to cover future hosting fees.

Hope to see you online!